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pasta-loving italian fellow.
Breaking Bad is the show, Green Day the band.
You may find some trans-related rant here and there.
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my new stencil is coming along nicely. this is the biggest project i’ve ever worked on, 1m by 1,50m

i drew a piece for a private instagram user based on their username, traditional tattoo style, and i’m proud of it and i’d really like to post it on this site but i can’t because this person is famous and technically i’m not even supposed to know what their private ig is and yeah idk where i was going with this 


gender non-conformity is more damaging to rigid gender roles than creating hyper-specific gender identities because you don’t wear dresses 100% of the time as a girl or basketball shorts 100% of the time as a guy or androgynous clothes 100% of the time if you’re nb ever will be.

being trans isn’t about personality.

  • white girl: [hears guitar riff] this band is so punk

lazy bones should have been on tre


the woodstock festival tickets in 1969 were only $ 7

only $ 7

to watch Jimi Hendrix, Greateful Dead, Janis Joplin, The Who

only $ 7

do you feel me??